Elevating feminine beauty to new heights,
with an unforgettable sensory experience.

True beauty comes from within, when the soul is at peace—
With YUME SPA, your valued customers will experience
a revolutionary shampoo treatment that unleashes their inner beauty.

YUME SPA’s full-flat chair and gentle mist deliver a dream-like experience,
soothing not only to the hair and scalp, but also the soul.

A shampoo chair that is so relaxing it is literally sleep-inducing.
A mist that enhances the treatment and infuses the hair with moisture.
A professional shampooing technique that combines comfort and effectiveness.
To nurture healthy, luxurious hair, YUME SPA offers total care—
not only for the hair and scalp but also the root of all beauty: the soul.

provides an unforgettable sensory experience.

YUME SPA Three elements of the new services


Benefits YUME SPA brings to your salon

Builds loyal customers

Attract new customers while preserving profitability

  • First-time customer

    YUME SPA’s unique value-added services, which complement colouring and styling, will be more attractive for customers.

  • Repeat customer

    First-time customers are more likely to return.

  • Loyal customer

    Trust and attachment customers feel keeps them coming back. Each loyal customer attracts others, creating a success spiral.

Shampooing space becomes sales creation space
(increase in average spend per customer)

With the introduction of YUME SPA’s menu of services,
your shampooing space will begin generating profits like never before.

Boosts over-the-counter sales

The combined soothing and beautifying effects of YUME SPA’s unique services create satisfied customers who are more likely to buy home hair care products offered in the salon.

Builds rapport

The sensory nature of the YUME SPA experience engenders trust and deepens communication between hairstylists and customers.